What Is Marriage Boot Camp — Reality Stars?

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Marriage Boot Camp — Reality Stars is a spin-off show derived from the original show, Marriage Boot Camp — Bridesmaids. Bridesmaids itself was a reality TV show which depicted the lives of anxious brides as they planned their wedding days. Fox TV ran a Bridesmaids special season in 2004. Bridesmaids was then picked up by We N. The show Bridesmaids ran for nine seasons. We TV decided to run a show for a tenth season which would be the finale.

During this season a spin-off called Marriage Boot Camp was introduced. The first episodes of Marriage Boot Camp – Bridesmaids featured five couples from the show Bridesmaids, who would live together in a single compound and receive intensive counseling to save their marriages.

Who Stars in Marriage Boot Camp — Reality Stars?

In season three of the show Marriage Boot Camp — Bridesmaids, the name of the show changed. It was re –titled Marriage Boot Camp — Reality Stars. At this point, reality TV stars from well-known reality TV shows began to appear on the screen.

The addition of reality TV stars to the show Marriage Boot Camp caused a stir. Witnessing real stars working on their marriages was exciting. From the period in which the name of the show was changed, Marriage Boot Camp — Reality Stars became a show with its own special niche on TV. No longer was this show simply about marriage counseling. It was now a place where reality TV stars could air their dirty laundry on the TV screen.

Viewers became enthralled and even “addicted: What did it mean that reality TV stars could put themselves through this much drama, revealing all and holding nothing back? What did this mean for the viewers? Were their own marriages entitled to be analyzed and put through the same wringer?

If the stars were doing it, shouldn’t viewers be behaving in the same way? Whether this question was answered by “Yes” or “No,” the show was so much fun to watch.

Stars such as Jennifer1JWavm” Farley, from Snooki and JWovm, appeared on the show. Tanisha Thomas, who has previously appeared on the show Bad Girls revealed that she had been unfaithful to her partner Clive Muir. Kendra Wilkinson and her husband Hank Baskett worked through the issues that Hank’s affair had left in their troubled marriage.

Hank and Kendra claimed that their time on the show was like a televisual diary of the healing of their marriage. Such is the power of Marriage Boot Camp — Reality Stars and the counseling of Jim and Elisabeth Carroll.

What Happens on the Show Marriage Boot Camp — Reality Stars?

In the episode of Marriage Boot Camp — Reality Stars that featured Kendra and Hank, the couple stands on an altar before the rest of the couples. Elisabeth and Jim Carroll push the traumatized marriage partners to “Find out what is broken” inside their marriage.

Kendra confesses to being judgemental and a poor listener. Hank confesses to a fear of failure. Jim Carrol then tells the couple that they must talk about “the elephant in the room: He assures them that this is the only solution. Jim Carroll says that the married couple must discuss Hank’s infidelity as a means of clearing the air.
Perhaps Hank is feeling confronted as he tries not to let his tears fall. Kendra and Hank are still married as of 2015. She says this of her relationship with Hank: We are having actually a good time puffing in work: Kendra continues her positive evaluation of her and her husbands time on the show. She says that she is glad that they decided to be participants and that if any of this had never happened, we’d never be as strong as we are now. Were very faithful:

Kendra’s statements are a strong testament to the effectiveness of time spent on the show Marriage Boot Camp — Reality Stars. According to reviews on the internet, many couples who appeared on this show remain married or in a partnership.

Other Reality Stars Who Appeared on Season Three of Marriage Boot Camp — Reality Stars

Despite the major air time that Kendra and Hank took up on Season 3 of Marriage Boot Camp, there were at least five other celebrity couples on the show.

Aubrey O’Day and Travis Garland appeared on Marriage Boot Camp — Reality Stars Season 3. Aubrey had previously been in the band, Dainty Kane. The magic of the show did not work for this couple; their love affair is over, and they never reached the altar.

Tami Roman and Reggie Young blood were also participants on the show. Tami has previously appeared on the show Basketball Wives. Reggie is an NBN football player. They have spent time apart during their On/Off relationship. They are hoping that Marriage Boot Camp will help them sort out the issues in their relationship. Tam is in her forties while Reggie is 28.

Lauren Peace and Mike Torrential appeared on Season Three of Marriage Boot Camp. Both took a lie detector test. The Lie Detector Test took place toward the end of Season Three. Both partners of the couple are tested. The couples must ask each other a serious question that they are desperate to know the answer to. The results of the Lie Detector Test may affect the coupled futures. The results of this test may help the couples decide whether to stay together or to split.

Jeff Schroeder of Big Brother and Jordan Lloyd were another worried couple who appeared on Season Three. They were on the show to discuss their “Communication Problems: After solving these problems, the couple is planning to marry. These keen reality stars met each other on Big Brother, and they celebrated their engagement in the Big Brother House’s backyard.

The marriage counselors on Season Three are Jim Carroll and his wife, Elizabeth. They are assisted by Ilsa Norman and David Bishop.

Does Marriage Boot Camp Work to Save Relationships?

Mrs. Kendra Wilkinson-Basket is now married to Hank Basket and has given birth to two children. Her little girl is called Elijah Mary Basket and her son, Hank Basket IV. It looks as if Marriage Boot Camp worked for these two. Aubrey O’Day and Travis Garland have ended their relationship. Neither of them has offered a reason why on their social media accounts. Both have tweeted what could be considered to be oblique hints about relationships, with Travis Meeting “Don’t trip over what’s not meant for you: Aubrey tweeted that actions speak louder than words. Tami Roman and Reggie Young blood are still together, despite their seventeen- year age -gap. Reggie really wants Tami to have a child with him, although she has had three miscarriages. Did the time they spent on Marriage Boot Camp — Reality Stars help them to forge a lasting bond?

Mike Torrential and Lauren Peace are still in a relationship. They are openly proud to announce their wedding plans. About Marriage Boot Camp, Lauren says: “Marriage Boot Camp really helped us a lot:

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are another couples with wedding plans. In fact, they plan to marry on October 1st, 2016, which is this very day. These two are a Reality TV Golden Couple. Jordan says that they regarded Marriage Boot Camp as a way to strengthen their bond.

Four out of five couples who appeared on Season Three of Marriage Boot Camp are still together. Does this mean that the show really is good medicine for ailing relationships? Or does it just mean that Season Three was a really good season for this show?

Many online reviews seem to agree that it doesn’t really matter if the couples counseling works or not. These reviewers are pretty clear about what they think. They believe that viewers watch the show for its drama and entertainment value. In other words, viewers enjoy watching couples shouting at each other and insulting each other. They love to see infidelities revealed and seeming truths revealed as lies.

Less cynical reviewers say that the show has a good reputation and that its participants tend to stay together. Who can say for sure? Ifs sad but true to tell that Tanisha Thomas and Clive Muir are no longer in a relationship.

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