The Truth About The Tao of Badass

Are you sick and tired of always getting shot down by women every single time you try? Do you want to not only attract women, but also go all the way with them? Have you ever heard of the Tao of Badass? This weird-sounding name is actually the ultimate guide for men to be able to get the women of their dreams, and so much more after that. This “Tao” will help you in ways you have never even thought of, because, well, they really have not been thought of and have, up until this guide was made, been thought to be really strange, and downright absurd techniques to getting women to notice and attracted to you. But make no mistake about it, this guide will certainly get you the woman (or women) you have always dreamed of in a few simple steps.

The Tao of Badass is an online dating guide for men created and written by Joshua (or simply Josh) Pellicer. Josh was, in the greatest possible context of the word possible, a loser. He did not comprehend things at the speed at which normal people would have normally had. He lived in a trailer park, and he pumped gas for a living then. To top that all off, women stepped all over him. One night while spending it alone in the back of his car, Josh’s live would never be the same again.

Josh Pellicer has not only written a book, but ever since it blew all over the internet and all over the world, has become more of a system, a way of life now really. Men all over the world have utilized its mystical tips and methods, and have surprisingly (most particularly to the men’s surprise), worked. The Tao of Badass not only talks about how you are going to attract women in a few simple and easy steps, it also talks about how first and foremost, men kill attraction in women. It focuses first on how men get dating women all wrong. The “Tao” brings out all the flaws and shortcomings of all men, regardless of how much you think you are the exception, and lays it all bare for you to see it for yourself.

After the Tao of Badass brings out every single piece of dirt men have, it then redeems not only itself, but all men all over by showing you, that same flawed, mistaken (and often loser-like) man just how to correct those shortcomings and flaws, by introducing the arguably the world’s best, most innovative, but also most controversial tips on how to get it with that woman (or women) you have been eyeing since forever. Oh yes, you will definitely be taught how to attract women; but you will also be taught how to do it smoothly, simply, and suavely.

There has never been a more complete, more premier guide to attracting, and being able to go all the way with the women of your dreams other than the Tao of Badass by Josh Pellicer. Grab yourself a copy now and don’t get left out. Rather, leave them all in the dust!

How to Plan a Marriage Boot Camp

How to Plan a Marriage Boot Camp

Everyone has heard about Marriage Boot Camp, but how would you plan a Marriage Boot Camp yourself? Who would you invite and how long would the Marriage Boot Camp run for? What sort of training would the participants go through?

A Marriage Boot Camp is a place where married people and people who are engaged can participate in a series of workshops, training and events that will teach them how to take their relationship to a happier and healthier level. How to Plan a Best Marriage Boot Camp. Some people always love marriage boot camp then a true best family camping trip. That’s the only reason we can show you to check the boot camp before trying the real camping experience.

The Counselors

A Marriage Boot Camp is therapy for marriage. If you are going to plan your own version, you will need marriage therapists, relationship therapists, relationship counselors, call them what you will. These people are the experts who will help the Camp’s attendees to open their hearts and let the healing in. It’s important that the Counsellors are genuine, caring people. To make sure that the Counselors you hire are legitimate, you may need to request experienced marriage counselors who have qualifications in this sphere of work. Is your Marriage Boot Camp going to run for a week or a weekend? You will need to employ expert therapists who are available during the period you have allocated.

You will probably interview each of the counselors you are thinking of hiring. During this interview, you may discuss the style of Marriage Boot Camp you are planning. How are you planning to get the participants to open up? Will there be competitions at your Marriage Boot Camp? Space for confessions? Will the couples confront each other? How will you motivate the couples to stay married? How will engaged couples learn about the state of marriage?
You may have your own ideas about the way your Marriage Boot Camp will be run. During discussion time with the counselors you have chosen, you will refine and develop your ideas. Or you could follow the blueprint laid down by Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, who first developed this show.

Who Will Attend Your Marriage Boot Camp?

Marriage Boot Camp — Reality Stars and the former program Marriage Boot Camp — Bridesmaids are Reality TV Shows. Is your version of Marriage Boot Camp going to be on TV? If so, you will need to find some reality TV stars who are willing to star on your show. Don’t ignore the fact that there is a certain amount of hype on any Reality TV show. Some Reality TV stars appear on more than one Reality TV show.

You may also need to pay Reality TV Stars a large fee for their appearance.

Maybe you could make a video of your own version of Marriage Boot Camp. This way your attendees will know that they are on camera just like on the real show. You could make sure that the video you produce can be uploaded on to YouTube. This way the couples who participate will feel as if they really are on Reality TV. As the manager of a Marriage Boot Camp, you will need to advertise for participants. How will you do this? Do you own your own website? Or will you email prospective participants? In whichever way you decide to spread the word about applicants for your program, you will still need them to fill out an application form. By reading through these forms, you will be able to select which applicants will become the best participants on your show. You may need to decide which applicants are the most sincere and which applicants will benefit most.

What Type of Workshops or Seminars Will You Run?

This is the point at which you need to start drawing up a program. The program should list every workshop, encounter group, confession session, seminar or praise and appreciation session that will take place during the Marriage Boot Camp. Events should be timetabled, and all venues should be listed.

A small bio about the leader of each workshop should appear on a special page or section at the end of the program. Your Boot Camp will probably start with an Introductory Session, where people can introduce themselves and say a little about why they are attending. It may be a good idea to place a ban on anger and criticism during the Introductory Session. Workshop leaders may also introduce themselves at this time.

Workshops and encounter sessions must zero in on honesty, true complaints and in general encourage couples to “get things off their chest: Participants should be encouraged to let things go, even if it hurts. Screaming and other signs of emotional release may be acceptable. Violence toward others in the room is never acceptable.

Participants may be encouraged to attend at least one session in which they deeply discuss their problems each day. All participants should be aware that one outcome of the Boot Camp is to experience personal change. The other outcome of the Marriage Boot Camp is to save a difficult marriage. All those who attend the Marriage Boot Camp will be strongly encouraged to participate as fully as they can.

Fees, Staff and Helpers

The fee for your Marriage Boot Camp must include the costs of meals and accommodation. The fees will also cover the cost of employing suitable experts in the field. These counselors or therapists may be present for the duration of the Boot Camp, or they may only lead one or two workshops. Staff to run the kitchen must also be employed. Counselors and therapists may select helpers from among the participants. Helpers, who supports the participants, or direct the overall program, may be part of the paid staff. If the events are going to be videoed, you will need to make sure that experienced video recordists are on hand. These people will also need to be paid for their services. Overall, you want your Marriage Boot Camp to run smoothly. Emotionally upset participants should have a special place to relax and recover in.

All participants should be encouraged to be supportive and gentle with each other. Respectful behavior is a requirement, but this event is styled as a Marriage Boot Camp. In line with this bellicose title, participants are urged to take risks, give their all and work hard. Even reality TV stars must accept that this is the way to get the most from a marriage boot camp. The Carroll treat everybody the same and expect all the participants to accept the same challenges and face-to-face counseling. This show gives all participants equal opportunities to “break themselves down, so they can build themselves back up.